Tips To Choose Top Consultancy for Placement

top consultants in Delhi NCR

Post pandemic, the job sector has got its life again. Likewise, consultancies have accelerated hiring or placements with a fast pace. Many candidates have lost their jobs. Even, hundreds of companies had to relieve many professionals.

But now, the normalcy is all around. So, companies & people have started looking for the list of placement consultants at any place. But, you cannot trust them all blindly, even if any of them offer free consultancy. You need to check on many aspects before partnering with them.


Here is a roundup of tips that you should keep into account while selecting the best consultancy for placement agency in Delhi or anywhere.

  • Decide on Cost & Negotiate

Money matters a lot. Every entrepreneur or organization invests corresponding to its budget. Most of the time, it’s already decided as to what extent a company can pay off. So, it’s extremely important to decide the budget to be incurred on hiring in advance.

To get the best idea about it, you can figure out how much money the top consultants in Delhi NCR, let’s say, charge from companies. Their quotations will enable you to define your budgeting.

If their costing is somewhere around your budget, try to negotiate. Compare what they charge with the offerings of competitor placement agencies.

Tip-Ideally, the consultants down in the top placement agencies’ list should be less preferred. Despite the fact that they charge lesser than the market price, their final results won’t be satisfactory or excellent.

  • Figure Out Reputation

Reputation does not build up overnight. It’s on the opinions. If most of the companies are happy with your results, they would rank your agency up. It’s simply because your onboarding results would be awesome, which ends up in positive thoughts about your placement company.

To know about reputation, we have Google, Bing and social media. You can explore reviews in the name of the consultants. The ones on the top of the list should be preferred.

Even, Facebook or many other social platforms assign four or five stars to the agencies that excel in recruitment services.

Tip-You can go through comments and review on Google and social media to figure out their online reputation.

  • The Older, the Better

The recruiters who have spent a decade or more in the market are noteworthy. They have achieved sustainability on the basis of the experience being earned.

The challenges would have certainly come their way. But, they are still there offering placements. Their experience is priceless, which must be recognised.

Tip-Since the experienced are the knower of the end-to-end process to hire the right candidates, prefer them over inexperienced consultants.

  • Professionalism Attracts

Onboarding is a challenging task. The professionals often measure most of the challenges beforehand and defeat them with their professionalism.

The background check, let’s say, is a key procedure that helps organizations to identify candidate’s professional background and previous on-duty experience.  Being a professional, it’s a value-addition that attracts companies to hire as a recruiter on their behalf.

A new comer in this niche won’t avail this facility.

Tip: Discover how the prospective recruiter engages with your HR and how he builds up connection with the candidates and companies.

  • Terms and Conditions

Before agreeing to incorporate someone for hiring, it’s must to go through the terms and conditions of the consultancy.  There are some conditions that may turn down your company’s reputation. For instance, sharing your company’s details or any sensitive details of candidates with third parties can be threatening.

Such meager terms and conditions may affect your organization in the future.

Tip: Thoroughly read all terms and conditions and critically think about them.

  • Check Out the List of Clients

There are a number of recruiters that have been engaged in onboarding. But, only a few are associated with reputed companies and organizations. This would be a plus point. You can trust on them. Besides, you have an option to check on their performance. Talk to a few of their clients. Identify their performance.

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