Top 15 Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

Pharmaceutical Recruitment Consultants

There are hundreds of students and even, experienced professionals from the Pharmaceutical industry look for a job or job change. They should be all-set to face off a volley of questions confidently while answering boldly. For this reason, you should be prepared prior.

Top 15 Questions that May Be Asked in Pharmaceutical Interviews

Here are some common questions that can be asked in your pharmaceutical interview:

Tell us about yourself.

This is a typical opening question for any type of job. To answer this, you should start with your name, place, education, job experience, and family details in brief.

It should be like this: I’m …….(name).. living in Delhi. I put up here and did a master’s in Pharmacy from……university. I’ve two beautiful kids and parents. As per work experience, I have spent 8 valuable years in a pharmaceutical company while ensuring quality.

Why should we hire you?

Respond to this question by offering details of your knowledge, working experience, and professional skills. These reasons can go on like this: As far as my work experience is concerned, I have fulfilled all requirements that were necessary and expected from my job role. Because of my expertise, openness to learning attitude, and efficiency, your company would never feel regret for a bad hire.

What are your biggest strengths?

Answer it by disclosing your professional traits and how they are beneficial to leverage for maximizing corporate revenue, customer experience, and scalability.

It can go like this: There are a number of things that I call my strength. My honesty, self-motivation, hard-working attitude, flexibility, adaptability, and positivity represent my biggest strengths in my career and personal life. 

What are some of your weaknesses?

However, weaknesses should be avoided by denying that you would come across them soon if there are any.

But, you may include 2 or 3 traits from your sensitivity. You may say that I don’t trust or easily trust people, which results in grudges or distractions.

What are you looking for in your next role?

Answer it with confidence, saying something that is related to the improved or enhanced version of the role or courses related to the profile in the Pharma industry.

Add on to it that it’s your privilege to work with a reputed employer. It’s a blessing to share professional skills here and how your contribution can benefit the company.

What type of working environment do you prefer?

Say everything positive about the ideal working environment that breeds an incredible ecosystem to work in.

Share it like this: I love working in a positive environment where employees have a great scope to reach heights by position, salary package, and personality grooming. The company culture should be customer-centric and highly supportive, where trust is a building block.

What do you know about this company?

To answer this type of question, you should prepare yourself via internet research. Find out all about the company details, products, branches, innovations, current problems, and the number of people working there.

It should be answered as: This is one of the fastest-growing companies, with excellent working conditions. It can be anyone’s dream place to work here. The range of products that it deals in is world-class, which you import or export.

Why do you want to change your job?

Start with a thank-giving note to the previous company for the experience that it offered you. Connect it with your ambitions and skyrocketing growth.

Say: I’m really thankful for the previous company that taught me how to start my professional journey, scale-up, and achieve heights. Now, I’m ready to take on more challenges that may be tougher than before. Without change, it won’t be possible. And I want limitless learning, skills, and financial stability with growth. So, I’m here.

What are your salary expectations?

You may disclose your previous CTC, but it should not be exactly.

Say like this: I have an experience of a decade in pharmaceutical quality assurance and my current CTC is over 5 hundred thousand per annum. However, it won’t be a big deal for me as I expect it as per the norm of the company that can justify my qualification, experience, and innovation.

What are your career goals?

Define long and short-term goals. Make sure that these are related to this domain only.

You may say that enhancing my skills and improving my professional position in a reputed pharmaceutical company is your goal. Later on, I would like to earn more reputation via innovation and my positive attitude.

How do you deal with pressure?

Answer with positivity when it comes to answering this question.

A positive approach and never giving-up attitude help me to deal with pressure. Although, I won’t work with stress because I believe in reducing or overcoming causes that integrate stress.

How do you organise your workload?

Explain it by defining priorities and how you overcome them sequentially.

Brief as it goes: When there is a workload, I prefer to make a to-do list of prior things to do. I regularly review the load, concentrate more on quality, fast TAT with efficiency, set realistic timelines for deliveries, and communicate transparently.

How do you prioritise tasks?

Explain everything with confidence that you follow a process. Brief it later.

It can be like this: I start with preparing a list of tasks but align them as per priorities while understanding true goals. Highlight what is urgent and align tasks accordingly. Avoid competition while doing so. Focus on benchmark quality and timely deliveries while reviewing constantly.

What motivates you?

Answer it with transparency and boldness. It can be your ambition or inspiration that motivates you.

Do you want to ask anything?

Start with thanking the panel to invite you for screening. You may raise a question about working hours, job location, transportation, and salary structure.


Aspirants, freshers, and existing employees of pharmaceutical industry should prepare themselves for the top questions being asked during an interview in any pharmaceutical company. They can be related to your interest, habit, CTC, growth perspectives, company profile or work experience and expectations.

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