Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Hospitality Sector

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector has been offering some dream-jobs to aspirants in restaurants, hotels, theme parks and similar facilities. Simply put, this sector has jobs for all of those who want to design, define and deliver recreational services. However, most of the job opportunities involve catering people from the frontline. The more sought-after ones are from accounting, digital marketing and sales.  

Now, there are hundreds of responsibilities available in the background support. Thanks to digital platforms!

Recently, hospitality placement consultants in Delhi and other states of India have registered a significant growth in openings. This sector alone has witnessed exponential growth, which is by +82% in recruitment.

It’s a high time for them. The jobs are there. Candidates need to figure out the best-fit job for themselves. They can have an attractive package, given that they have required specific skills and positions.  

Top-5 Highest Paying Jobs

Let get to know which jobs or responsibilities one should have for getting highest paying jobs.

  • Event Manager

He is the one who plans, organises and manages events of all sizes. Although his duties may vary from company to company, yet the main role is to host every substantial thing that an event requires.  

In corporate sector, this profile becomes more important. He works as a strategic partner while planning and organising meetings with customers, or companies. Their aim may be branding or generating awareness or reputation building or anything promotional.

Particularly for the hotel or entertainment venue, the event manager works with the client who intend to host their events. Together, their responsibilities may cover logistics support, for instance catering, event space, accommodations for guests and other related ones. In short, this role requires you to have an eyes for detailing, excellent soft or communication skills and strong organizational skills.

Estimated Average Salary: 4, 45,351/ year (according to payscale)

2. Travel manager

A travel manager works for a travel agency. But, he may be a part of a large corporation that digitally hosts travel administering programs like Make My Trip. The chief role of this profile is to make travel arrangements for corporate entities and other staff members, preparing itinerary and other complementary services.

They are regular salaried employees who work business hours. Sometimes, there may have some exceptions when they have to assist or cope up with some traveling based issues.

Besides, they are responsible for measuring travel services and monitoring profitability and deals, processing documents, arranging accommodations and planning travel itineraries.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 16 lakhs-48 lakhs/ year

3. Restaurant manager

A restaurant manager observes and oversees dining requirements, support and deliveries. Be it any small or big restaurant, the restaurant manager is one of the highest-paid workers. Like profile, like salary.

For this role, one has to manage the entire staff of that restaurant. Planning for staffing in the kitchen and public service, growth or scalability and development are some of the core practices that complete this profile. For growth and scalability, he needs hires for promotions and marketing. Besides, he is responsible for trainings, measuring staff performance, managing & updating menus, cost cutting & managing budgets and fostering a friendly environment (for staff and people).

What’s going on in the inventory of food and supplies-this is a significant duty that is inclusive in his main role. He may also accelerate growth through events and loyalty programs for patrons.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 3,74, 692/ year

4. Hotel General Manager

The general manager or GM of a hotel is like one man army that operates all facilities in all aspects there. It includes managing staff, overseeing guest experience, meeting client requirement during stays and observing catering services also.

Apart from that, he may serve a brand ambassador of the company that promotes and support the vision and culture of the host company. 

Holding regular staff meetings with department heads & leads, planning and presenting the report to the hotel owner, managing company, setting budgets and goals to achieve, addressing guest complaints and concerns, monitoring expenses and finance and preparing reports-these are the regular duties that define his routine professional responsibilities.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 6 lakhs+/ year

5. Executive chef

The executive chef oversees daily kitchen operations in restaurants and hotels. His main role is concerned with hiring, training and managing kitchen staff members, managing the quality of food, planning menus and beverage pairing. He also takes care of quality, quantity, freshness of food and coordination of catering-cooking tasks. In certain cases, he may look after administrative tasks of the restaurants and inventory.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 5 lakhs+/ year These and many more jobs roles are where placement consultants focus on. The candidates should frequently figure out such openings from their websites. They may also help in getting recruited. It would be better to keep in their contact and improve skills accordingly.