Top Career Opportunities in Import-Export Industry

Import Export recruitment

A career in the import-export industry can be a roller-coaster ride. You can have some exciting opportunities to earn millions. But, it can be a very stressful journey. 

This industry deals with the exchange of goods and services between various countries. As an agent, you may have to manage shipments and logistics. You should know about various compliances and regulations related to these exchanges. Like every business, this industry also has a darker and a brighter side. 

Here are a few advantages that can be your cup of tea in your career.

•             Incorporate with International brands

You get a chance to work with global brands. These include multinational companies that produce or manufacture and sell branded goods. There are some logistics requirements that you need to deal with. These include working with various truckers, airlines, steamship lines, and other vendors that have global brands.

•             Lots of Travelling

It’s a global platform that ensures dispatching products worldwide through sea or air freight. It lets you roam around the world on a frequent basis. This is simply because international trade has connections with dealers in other countries. You may have to visit there as a part of your profile. 

•             No Day is Free

This industry is the busiest one. International trade companies import and export goods almost every day. So, you have to be able and open to developing, delivering, and receiving the shipments, keeping their tracks, and dealing with related regulations and other problems. It means that there is no free day in your life. 

•             Limitless Jobs

There are a number of jobs that can be offered to an eligible candidate. These can be according to requirements and qualifications. The most common ones are:

a)            Import-export analyst

b)            Air or sea export agent

c)            Import, export, or logistics manager

d)            Operations manager, supervisor, or director

e)            Production supervisor

f)             Customs broker

g)            International trade compliance manager

•             Computer Literacy

Since backend work is now shifted to digital platforms, this industry welcomes people with computer literacy. It’s an added advantage if you have computing skills. These are helpful in

a)            Creating cost quotes for customers, agents, and overseas offices.

b)            Bookings and processing documents for air and ocean import-export shipments.

c)            Monitoring shipping status.

d)            Updating customer profiles to maintain & keep them accurate and current.

e)            Producing invoices for both customers and agents.

f)             Receiving billings from vendors and agents.

g)            Using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook for data management.

•             Boost economic growth and efficiency

This is mainly concerned with export, which comes with these benefits:

a)            The export houses provide domestic companies more experience in producing for foreign markets. This practice creates jobs for locals. Over time, these domestic traders gain a competitive advantage in global trade.

b)            They make companies more efficient. To stay in the competition, exporters become more productive than companies that focus on domestic trade.

•             Low price goods via import

Import business offers a number of benefits. The main benefits are:

a)            Pushing foreign competitors to reduce prices

b)            They come with a wide range of goods and services, including tropical and out-of-season fruits and vegetables.

•             Free trade agreements

It is an agreement between countries, which is meant to promote international trade. For example, the North American Free Trade Agreement removes tariffs between the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It allows these three countries to freely trade with one another.

These benefits can be utilized to make a good career in different domains of this sector. Import-export placement agencies in Delhi basically come with these career possibilities.

Top Career Options in Export-Import Domain

a)            Export Sales Manager

He is responsible for generating & enhancing the sales of products internationally. Discovering the most potential customers and improving sales are the topmost priorities of the export sales manager.

b)            Exim Executive

He is the one responsible for backend documentation work. It includes EPCG, MEIS, Duty Drawback, & DGFT, and other ones depending on the type of company.

c)            Senior Manager

He is the one who interacts and communicates with custom house agents for freight negotiation with the shipping company, preparation of shipment documents & other tasks.

d)            Custom House Agent (CHA)

The custom house agent works as a legal consultant or advisor. He suggests the accurate group or category of goods. He also administers the query of the custom officer. Then, CHA resolves the same.

e)            Top Level Posts

He can be the CEO or the chairman of the import-export business. This is the topmost position in the export-import domain. It comes with greater risks & large responsibilities.

f)             Executive Documentation in Exim

This is an executive-level job that conducts duties regarding major paperwork for exports or imports.

g)            Export Accounting Manager

He is responsible for preparing export-import profit & loss & balance sheet. He works as an accountant that manages cash flow. There are many other roles related to this profile that are mainly concerned with accounting manager duties.

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