Architect and Interior Designer consulting firms in India

Due to the growing reach and responsibilities of interior designers, interior architecture has come into use as a concept – primarily due to developments in design technology (CAD) and interior design education. Many degree courses are now teaching students about the buildings' structural technical elements, which have begun to blur the line between architecture and interior design.

Architect and Interior Design

Difference between Architect and Interior Design

The construction of homes and other building projects includes both architects and interior designers, and their scope of work is different though related.
An architect's primary responsibility is to design the building according to the specifications of the client and according to local building by-laws.
It is the responsibility of the interior designer to beautify the indoor space after a building has been built and make it livable.

Architect/ Interior Designer recruitment agencies

The HR Manpower consultants of Reinforcement refine the search for architects and interior designers with the required qualifications and practical exposure to the real world work environment according to the specifications given by them. Every industry has a separate set of recruitment needs and therefore we are trying to keep this search for placement absolutely industry specific. Reinforcement consultants is one of the leading architect and interior job consultants company in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR and India.
Depending on an Architect's capability, there is an expertise or specialization field, such as:
Interior architecture is the balance between the art and science of designing an interior space, taking all elements of the building into consideration. However, a designer with indoor architecture training can not call himself an Interior Architect unless he has the formal accreditation from an architectural body.
Interior design is a wide-ranging profession which takes into account all aspects of interior design and planning in the built environment. Any two interior designers can play a very different role.
Interior decoration is concerned only with the decoration or 'art' of a space which includes soft furnishings and color schemes.

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