Why is Recruitment in Automotive Industry on Rise in India?

Why is Recruitment in Automotive Industry on Rise in India?

Leading vehicle makers in India have started looking for the talent to acquire like never before. It’s happening because of digitization. The digital solutions have started encouraging this industry to look for the best alternatives to boom in the market. Now, it’s leveraging on digital platforms to improve sales, which is happening virtually. These disruptive technologies are gradually blurring glitches in the supply chain, procurement and manufacturing workflows. This is happening amid the pandemic situation.  

Hike in Information & Technology Experts’ Recruitment

The automotive industry has started embracing the revolutionary AI, data engineering and data science trends. These three are the technologies that can actually bring a transition in this industry. Quick turnaround time, accurate analysis, close to reality predictions and extraordinary engaging solutions-these are the prime reasons to hire trained experts of data scientists from information and communication technology world.

According to TeamLease, this industry has witnessed a spike in hiring activities. This increase is improved by a whopping 45% as compared to pre-Covid levels in 2019. Like this, a dozen of recruitment agencies for automobile industry are getting a boost to opt digital technologies.  

Why Investment in Digital Solutions?

Like other industries, this industry is utilizing the benefits of digital platforms to increase the number of sales and consumers. The substantial thing is its integrity with analytics and predictive AI tools. They bring some extraordinary forecasting and feasible solutions. These solutions ensured easy and quick measuring and purchasing of vehicles in the last two years. Now, this industry is working day and night to integrate digital methods, enable virtual sales, ensure convenience and improve efficiency. 

The Next Stage

Now, the vehicle manufacturers are now pushing dealership to the digital transformation journey. This online journey is not only limited to improving websites or online payments, but also redefining the entire purchase journey of the customers. Cost optimisation and utility of resources at the dealers’ end are also reforming.  

With these inclusions of digital transitions, the demand for digital experts has increased.   

Projections for Talent Acquisition in Automotive

The projected increment in the digital domain of this industry is around 15% this financial year. Currently, this is a golden time for these experts:

  • Digital marketing
  • Customer services and utilities,
  • and, Preventive maintenance of vehicles

The existing quarter has noticed an impressive hike of over 18,000 technology-based jobs within the automotive segment. This spike is likely to continue to over 25,000 more jobs by the end of the fiscal year. The financial year 23 could see an overwhelming increase of 15-18% to this count. 

The top carmakers of India have claimed to witness a certain rise in the hiring of people. These are professionally skilled of data analytics in online sales and marketing functions.

Hyperlocal Programmes

A hyperlocal business programmes are a platform to enable local offline businesses to reach out to their targeted customers. With this, they ensure product delivery within a very short turnaround time. The radius of these programmes could be anywhere starting from a few meters to many kilometers. But, these are for local businesses.   

Now, this industry has also adopted these programmers for enquiry management. Today, digital channels attract 35% of our enquiries, which is up from 3% of last few years. It was way higher at around 50% during lockdown. Maruti Suzuki has shifted 24 out of 26 touch points to digital platforms. These are related to the sales process. However, there are exceptions that are meant for test-drives and vehicle deliveries only.

Now-a-days, this industry is working on strengthening its platform by integrating digital tools and next-gen computing power. These are able to collect transactional and interactional data. These datasets ensure creating a single view of customers with the help of AI. This extraordinary technology is able to draw sense out from the data, which enables users to make feasible solutions. These solutions offer a seamless experience to the buyers. This can happen through expert data analytics to find feasible recruitment solutions. Now, this industry is focusing on investing in highly skilled workers in fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This investment is likely to support it with a futuristic learning framework.

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