Top 5 Career Options in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Recruitment Consultants

India is the hub for the pharmaceutical industry as it is one affordable and cost-effective global producer of medicines and related necessities. Today, with advancement in research and development and the exceptionally advanced technologies, the pharmaceutical and the medical sector has evolved. This evolution has opened a new horizon of several career options in the pharmaceutical industry. Being a highly networked ecosystem, the pharmaceutical sector has different requirements for numerous projects. While one can find a suitable career option or a specific job in the pharmaceutical industry, a pharmaceutical recruitment consultant in India can help in finding a suitable job with the connections they have in this industry.


Now, when it comes to career options in the pharmaceutical industry, there are several options to choose from. From research and development, data management to supply chain, one has an abundance of options. So, here are the top five career options in the pharma industry according to the top recruitment consultant in India:


  1. Sales Representative

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when talking about pharmaceutical jobs is a sales representative. Unlike other sales representative jobs, in the pharmaceutical industry, the majority of the clients here are doctors. Hence, it is really important to have excellent knowledge about the products and drugs a sales representative is dealing with. He/she needs to know everything about the drugs from their optimum doses to their side effects.


  1. Research and Development Manager

If learning new topics related to medical and pharmaceutical science is something one likes, then opting for research and development as a career is the best choice. Here, one needs to be constantly researching emerging topics and managing multiple projects simultaneously. However, to get this kind of job, candidates need to have completed M. Pharma or Ph. D. Candidates with such educational backgrounds can get in touch with pharma job consultants in India who will help in finding the correct job as per the qualification.


  1. Manufacturing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

This job is perfect for someone who isn’t very keen on working in the research and development department but still wants to stay in the core domain of the pharma industry. Manufacturing, quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA) and related domains are very important throughout the entire process and a pharmaceutical recruitment consultant can help in choosing a correct domain. While QC and QA are closely related, each has its responsibilities. Quality assurance deals with checking if all the production processes are occurring according to the prescribed method. While quality control assesses and evaluates if the developed product meets the standards.


  1. Medical Writing

Medical writing is one of the top emerging fields in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. A candidate with an interest in writing and excellent grammatical skills with knowledge of medical and pharma terminologies can choose this career option. It is a desk job and the pay is also high.


  1. Academia

Lastly, if one is inclined towards spreading knowledge, a career as a lecturer is the best option. Candidates who have completed M. Pharm or a similar degree will have to clear exams like GPAT, NET and SLET. Later, one can find openings for a lecturer or assistant lecturer positions at any college or university across India. Keeping a track of all the job openings might seem difficult. So it is advisable to take the help of a placement agency in India which will notify you about any such openings.

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