New Job Opportunities that Freight and Logistics recruitment Consultants Offer

Freight and Logistics recruitment Consultants

The digital disruption has completely groomed freight and logistics companies. Let’s say about India, this industry is projected to grow to $307 billion by the year 2020 (source: ASSOCHAM). If it accelerates with the same fashion, this sector will register investment worth $500 billion by 2025. Such a tremendous and consistent growth signifies its sustainability, which is an outcome of the digital transformation.

So! Are you ready to roll into the new jobs that the freight and logistics consultants seek today?

This blog has answers to what often comes to your mind before entering supply chain domain.

Do logistics jobs pay well?

Interestingly, the logistics and freight companies pay really well. The freight and logistics recruitment consultants in India offer opportunities for the role of logistics manager with an average salary of INR 5.5 lakhs per annum.

This is just the glance of package pervasive at present. On its basis, you can premeditate and even, research online packages for various posts in this industry.

What are the new job opportunities freight and logistics offer?

Precisely, the ML and AI help in data mining, which supports predictive modeling of existing and future trends in the booking process, such as an area with the massive demand for shipping. The AI analysts exploit data to let it confess how clients make their bookings. Thereby, the professionals in supply chain business carry out a proactive approach to put efficiency in place for fulfilling prospective drop shipping requirements or inventory order processing.

Some sort of logistic support is what every organization seeks for. In order to bring it about, they seek  a reputed shipping and logistics consultancy for providing the efficient workforce. This is why in terms of scope and demand, industries scaling from manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, transportation, FMGC and a lot more have a colossal demand for logisticians. Likewise, the e-Commerce industry has massive demand for digital experts for back-end support, as in customer service, purchase and sales order, inventory management and many more.

How do you get a job in logistics?

For those who intend to join this industry, should know what technical skills can fit them in its frame.

  • AI and ML Professionals:

Majorly, you should know about AI, robotics, machine learning (ML) and blockchain are trending technologies together with digital end-to-end customer support. Having an expertise in these ones can take you to explore a world of opportunities across booking, transportation, documentation and payment domains of this industry.

  • In Backend:

The backend staff to create invoice, manage orders and deal with the billing or shipping discrepancy is emerging the lifeblood of logistics. The acknowledged of email support and inventory management can catch up with transport and logistics job consultants to search for the same profiles.

  • Data Analysts and Executives:

Those who have a stronghold over API data integration can support supply chain businesses in communicating with one another seamlessly. Also, and data analysis can find plentiful job opportunities under the hood of business intelligence and data scraping and analysis. The data scientists and analysts can easily assess the real-time inventory for deriving the prospective requirement to be fulfilled in a short turnaround time.

  • IT Engineers and Networking Executives:

Moreover, the logistics placement consultants in Delhi or Mumbai, for example, come with lots of openings in the IT support services for supply chain and logistics companies. Certainly, the digital connectivity is must to carry out online communication, business intelligence, data analysis and data management. This is why the IT professionals can look for bright and fruitful career opportunities.  Being a networking engineer or IT support expert, you can fly high.

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