What Do Education Recruitment Consultants Do?

Education Recruitment Consultants in India

Recruitment is marketing. If you’re a recruiter nowadays and you don’t see yourself as a marketer, you’re in the wrong profession-by Mathew Jeffery, the Global head of sourcing and employment brand at SAP.

Jeffery’s statement displays a subtle message-the more you recruit, the higher your on-target earnings will be. However, the bolstered recruitment will be in the form of bonuses and commission.

Now, the question is who recruits.

Simply answer, they are recruitment consultants!

What are education recruitment consultants?

The education recruitment consultants are individuals who attract candidates for temporary or permanent education jobs. In short, their recruitment diameter sticks around pitching candidates with profiles that fit perfectly in education and complementary industries.

The education recruitment consultants in India or anywhere focus on building loyalty. It builds through positive relationships, better comprehensibility and frequent communications to know about profile requirements of the employers or education-based industry/organizations. This is why aspirants and employers look for consultants or education recruitment agency.

Difference between recruitment consultants and agency:

They both filter the best of talents for filling vacancies in the education-based company. But still, there are some meager differences in the roles that both carry out. Let’s get through those differences:

Recruitment agencies concentrate on quantity. Let’s say, an XYZ academy has openings for 100 faculties in Delhi. The education recruitment agency in Delhi will advertise to send an invite to hundreds of candidates. It encloses a request to share their CVs with an attractive message, as “XYX Company BPO Jobs for 0-13 Yrs Exp.| Salary 25K to 95K……..Click Here For More Details….”.

On the flip side, the education consultant weighs quality over a quantity. His services loom around building long-term relationship with the clients. With such mindset, he makes every effort to know their candidates, their history, experience and expectations.

In terms of success, the consultants win an edge over the agency in recruitments. This is why they follow up the candidates while assisting with every proceeding. The latter ones may select the candidates mismatching with the requisite roles. It is simply because they emphasize on finishing the quota of jobs. Consider a scenario wherein a university invited applicants for education and teaching jobs in India. Being an education industry recruitment consultant, you will go through all applications thoroughly. Upon separating the profiles in sync with the job roles from the rest of the application, you will send the university to shortlist.

On the other side, the education industry agency follows an indefinite approach, which may turn down the expectations of clients.

What do education industry recruitment consultants do?

They play a lot of doable roles while providing with education industry recruitment services. Have a look to know specifically about their work:

  1. Catch up with emails that define the hierarchy of follow-ups and pitching the aspirants.
  2. Hold a morning meet with the team, discussing about live jobs and their work-in-progress.
  3. Follow up the candidate who they had talked with the day before.
  4. Route CVs to clients for selecting or preferring the candidates.
  5. Set up F2F rounds or interviews to come across the candidates’ details.
  6. Prepare notes to assess at the end of the day and assist others.
  7. Make prep-up calls with candidates for ensuring their likelihood.
  8. Schedule interviews with the company’s recruitment team.
  9. Publish advertisements about vacancies on a range of media, such as newspapers, websites and magazines.
  10. Do headhunting, shortlisting and approaching suitable candidates, either working or unemployed.
  11. Filter candidate databases to pick up the right person matching the client’s vacancy.
  12. Place requests for references and also, check the suitability of applicants before forwarding their resume to the client.
  13. Brief the candidate about the prospective job responsibilities, salary package and perks.
  14. Negotiate salary package and finalize meetings between client and candidates.
  15. Assist with advices to both clients and candidates on emolument, training and career progression.

As a recruitment consultant, they achieve rewards for being hit the bull’s eye or targets. Besides, their teamwork, efficiency, assistance, relationship and loyalty also bag trophies with perks and monitory benefits.

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