The Future of Education Consultants in India

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For aspirants and education industry, job consultancies are an emerging bridge to fill the gap in-between. Their boom is inevitable if it is seen from the perspective of population explosion in India. With 1.3 billion people, India is soon expected to exceed China’s population. As per government record, nearly 45% of its total population underlies the age of 24, which is a job seeker.

To help such aspirants, education job consultants emerge.

What do education job consultants do?

 They are the crucial ones who guide parents/ students and organisations with educational planning. They provide expert opinions that can help candidates to match with the right career opportunities. Such professionals serve the similar kind of services to school counsellors. Mostly, they work independently or under the banner of consulting firms, incorporated with schools or colleges.

Scope of Education Consultants:

The aforementioned scenario of population apparently goes in the favour of education job consultants or agencies. It is simply because India has more than 40,000 colleges and universities, which is the count nearly 10 times as many as the United States has.

With outnumbering education institutes, the possibility to hire an education consultancy is likely to multiply. Its expertise in navigating difficulties for the selection in elite institutions amplifies, as it knows all about the ins and outs that ensure parents to let their wards settle in the reputed teaching jobs.

The higher education industry is projected to be about $35 billion by 2025 here, wherein education recruitment agencies or consultants dominate in terms of the role. As far as the earning is concerned, it scales from INR 5,000 to INR 500,000, which depends on how rich and desperate the candidate is to join a particular profession or job.

Education Consultant’s Role in Quota System:

However, they don’t need any professional certification. Being the affluent of a deep address book of contacts at universities, they play an exponential link. But, there are some certified consultancies, wherein education counsellors are master’s degree holders together with high ethical standards.

For quota system, the parents and even, aspirants become ready to pay a hefty amount. This system determines prioritizing rich students over poor candidates to take admission in the college. The education consultancy in Delhi, let’s say, proves ‘might is right’ by supporting rich candidates under a particular quota, such as management quota or sports quota. It pushes the ones with a big pocket up front to take admission in a prestigious college or university.

Despite being an immoral practice, Indian education institutions or universities legally run this system like a business. The management quota, for example, offers a bit of a jack to roll into a particular career. Although it partially lets the rich candidates take admission, ignoring the deserving meritorious ones, yet it is promoted like a social work.

With all such things moving around, the top consulting firms are firmly there ready to witness booming possibilities and multiplying networks. In essence, they are the silver lines that are strongly putting their footprints in the career world.

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