Skills Required by a Candidate To Get a Job in Pharma Industry

Pharma Job Consultants in India

It’s not new that the pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving. With the development in the pharma sector, there are numerous openings for jobs in this industry. From R & D to sales and marketing, the pharma industry is buzzing with opportunities for candidates from the pharma and related sector.


There is a huge shift in the pharmaceutical industry and the main reason being the high demand for new and improved medications and therapeutics. This changing nature of the pharma industry requires candidates who are in sync with these demands required by the industry. As the industry is vast, keeping track of job openings can be quite exhausting and hence, many Pharmaceutical Recruitment Consultant in India help pharma candidates secure their dream job.


These consultancies help the candidates in finding a well-suitable job that fits their qualifications and skills. Basically, there are two branches a pharma candidate can choose: Technical and Management. Having said that, here are must-have skills to secure a job in the pharma industry:

A. Technical

If you are interested in working in the core department, you should opt for a job in the technical branch. Speaking about the educational background, a candidate from the science stream suits the best. However, to secure a high paying job, you will need to have at least D. Pharma or B. Pharma.


If you are aiming to work in the Research and Development, Quality Control or Regulatory Affairs department, then a masters degree (M. Pharma) is required. However, with the help of pharma job consultants in India, you can land in a good position with B.Sc. or D. Pharma or B. Pharma.



B.Sc/ D. Pharma/ B. Pharma/ M. Pharma


  • Excellent technical knowledge (learnt from your graduation or post-graduation)
  • Quick learner
  • Basic computer skills with MS Office
  • Analytical skills
  • Equipment knowledge and handling


B. Management

Be it pharma or any other sector, every company or organization requires candidates to manage the company. Management students have a high demand in the current time. According to a top placement agency in India, there is no specific requirement in terms of educational qualification. However, working in the pharma sector, it is beneficial if a candidate has a basic knowledge about the company and the products/drugs one is dealing with.


If you are looking for a high paying management job in the pharma industry then you should ideally possess a B. Pharm/ D. Pharma with an MBA. The jobs mainly include marketing or other fields like supply chain management, project management, exports, etc.



BA/ B.Sc/ D. Pharma/ B. Pharma/ M. Pharma + MBA (desired)


  • Time management
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Command over English
  • Selling and persuasive skills
  • Leadership skills


Apart from this, you can also opt to be an entrepreneur if you have strong financial support or sponsorship such as a medical shop, a medical distributor, a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm or pharmaceutical recruitment consultants.

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