Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India, 2022

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India, 2022

Freshers start searching for the highest-paying jobs to take a flight to a progressive career. Certainly, the area of interest matters a lot. But, their educational background comes fore.

However, every aspirant dreams to be hired in a reputed company where the scope of getting incentives, appraisals, and promotions is high. Even, many ambitious ones think to have good earning in the very first opportunity. Today, their dream job is not constraint to typical profiles, like doctors, engineers, or government officials. They focus on the highest paying roles in the company.

Here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in India, 2022 that are going to be a trending choice for freshers and career-makers: 

  • System analyst

Also known as a business technology analyst, the system analyst is an IT professional who masters the art of analyzing, designing, and executing information systems. Fixing issues in the system and also testing or programming databases are the areas of his specialty. Besides, they are responsible for guarding and auditing the data and systems of an organisation or customers. 

As far as the eligibility is concerned, the system analyst should be able to handle, manage, and audit different operating systems, hardware configurations, programming languages, and software/hardware platforms.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 16 Lakhs per annum

  • Blockchain engineer

This engineer is a trained professional who is able to develop and execute architecture and solutions using blockchain technology.

They are experienced in implementing and creating a digital blockchain for diverse technology-based firms, or data service firms. They can also get deep with the codes and provide training to any junior associate. Releasing applications, and tracking the whole development process to ensure that it is made live on the deadline, define a few of his job responsibilities.     

This engineer should have an end-to-end working knowledge of blockchain and can understand concepts like consensus and hash functions.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 15 lakhs per annum.

  • Product Manager

He is a technology-based professional who is able to understand the requirement of customers in relation to the product. Creating a business strategy for developing, improving, and selling physical and digital products is his responsibility. This professional specifies their functional requirements and manages the launches and updates of their features. 

Apart from that, he is exceptional at coordinating the work of software engineers, data scientists, and product scientists. In the nutshell, designing the success journey of the product is on his shoulder.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 25 lakhs per annum

  • Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is an exceptional professional who is strongly skilled in making both client-based and server-based software. He is able to execute both frontend and backend development processes. Also, he decides, defines, and carries out the development process from the concept to the end product. He should have a stronghold on programming a browser, server, and databases using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, etc.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 11 lakhs per annum

  • DevOps engineer

This engineer also belongs to the technology domain. Developing a strategy for communicating and balancing the requirements throughout the software development process outline his responsibility. It also includes coding and classifying workflow to maintain and update the digital product. 

Reducing complexity and eliminating the errors or gaps in between virtual planning and action is his part of the job. Even if the product requires revamping or add-ons, he does it. Defining the protection and stability of the application upon its release are also part of his responsibilities.  

Estimated Average Salary: INR 11 lakhs per annum

  • Data scientist

Data scientists are one of the highest-paid experts in India. They have outstanding analytical skills, in both technologies and data trends. They are able to maximize the advantages of industry knowledge, understand the context, and come up with feasible assumptions to overcome the challenges of a business.

Furthermore, they skillfully integrate computer science, statistics, and mathematics to analyse and process the modeling cycling for automating results.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 15 lakhs per annum

  • Cloud architect

This professional is technically sound and responsible for analyzing a company’s cloud computing strategy. He should be wise enough to draft and integrate plans and design for skillfully managing and monitoring the cloud. 

Estimated Average Salary: INR 26 lakhs per annum

  • IoT solutions architect

The IoT solutions architect can develop practical uses and applications of the internet. He has to coordinate with engineers and the sales team to develop the digital product accordingly. Understanding the context of IoT solutions, working across different departments, and removing barriers are some of his common responsibilities.  

Estimated Average Salary: INR 10 lakhs per annually

  • AI Architect

An artificial intelligence (AI) architect is logically sound and defines the entire development journey of a desirable digital product. The basic requirement in this domain is coding, which is meant for integrating logic into an active application or digital product.

His knowledge of the IT infrastructure, data-based trends, challenges, and the current technology helps him to come up with an exquisite architecture that can simulate manual tasks.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 63 lakhs per annum

  • Software architect

This professional is basically related to developing a high-level website and application through coding in different programming languages, like PHP, Cake PHP, Java, Python, etc.  Also, optimizing the website’s frontend and understanding its technical standards draw the area of his expertise.

Estimated Average Salary: INR 45 lakhs per annum.

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